Build self-confidence written by Birol Isik, BK Academy Switzerland

November 21 16:45 2022
Self-confidence is one of the most important elements for success

Feeling a little insecure? Maybe you’ve been getting negative feedback at work or school lately, maybe you’re going through a tough time, or maybe all your friends get a new job and leave you behind.

Whatever the reason, low confidence can make life a little more difficult. A lack of self-confidence means that no dynamic can develop.

Self-confidence is an essential part of our personal identity. The more self-confidence you have, the greater the likelihood that you will be more successful.

How do I boost my self-confidence?

Your insecurities are not real and they can be hard to let go of. But to boost your confidence, you need to understand where your insecurities come from.

If you want to cause lasting change, you have to find the causes for it.

Build confidence through evidence

In order to build and grow confidence, you need evidence. The more evidence and confirmation you have, the more confident you will be. Evidence doesn’t mean that you just acquire expertise by completing a training course or two, but that you achieve measurable results with the knowledge.

Feedback from successful entrepreneurs and people is also important. These can also have a positive impact on your self-confidence.

Note: Only accept criticism from people who already have or have achieved what you want.

You should also exercise mental strength. Furthermore, you should pay attention to your diet and exercise regularly to stay efficient. Learn more about this topic at

There is no such thing as failure – Start with small goals

Define a goal. The goal should be realistic and also correspond to your abilities, interests and gifts. Otherwise you run the risk of giving up.

A goal should be defined as clearly as possible. I want to be rich, lose weight or build muscle is too imprecise and not enough.

Build your personal brand

The more achievements you achieve, the stronger your personal brand becomes. People will want to work with you because you are attractive and charismatic. Strengthen your personal brand by reading books and connecting with successful people. Learn more about this topic at

These are just a few thoughts and tips from Birol Isik. He has been coaching and training managers, employees and athletes in matters of building self-confidence, leadership and mental strength. He is also the Founder of Meta Marketing Agency in Switzerland, where he offers consultings for entrepreneurs in Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria. Find out more:

Birol Isik is also the Co-Founder, together with Daniela Lovric, of SNF Academy (Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy) where they train their students to become nutritionists and personal trainer. They also regularly organize events in the areas of personal branding and personality development. Find out more

Daniela Lovric also offers consultings to women who want to strengthen their personal brand and start their own business. More information can be found a

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