Daylight-Friendly Building – Yongyu U Channel Glass System

November 21 18:09 2022

Yongyu Glass latest case reveals the expected and unexpected benefits of the curved channel glass wall. Daylight and privacy-friendly circular channel glass partitions create an effective flow and promote social distancing. Translucent glass separates the space while maintaining a sense of connectivity.

In this project we have faced how the double-glazed channel glass wall solution addresses the design challenges. The questions we meet include sections dedicated to budget-friendly design, sustainability, and acoustic, visual, and physical privacy. Feedback from architects and installers describes the collaborative aspects of the design, while Yongyu Glass’ detailed drawings illustrate how the channel glass is mapped into the layout and connected with other systems.

Channel glass is a translucent, three-dimensional, textured glass with a width ranging from 9 inches to 19 inches and a length of up to 23 feet. Its iconic U-shaped groove shape adds strong strength and makes it self-supporting, allowing it to create long and uninterrupted glass spans with minimal framing elements.

The double-glazed wall in Yongyu consists of rows of independent glass channels facing each other-flanges. The flange forms a cavity filled with air or insulating inserts, providing excellent acoustic properties. The textured glass blocks the line of sight through the wall while transmitting soft diffused light. Passage glass walls are ideal for privacy and daylighting applications-this is a modern solution to the new challenges faced by designers today.

Yongyu Glass is a professional U glass and traditional architectural glass supplier from China.

The company was founded by Gavin Pan, who has worked in the architectural glass industry since 2006 and has more than ten years’ North American and EU market export experience. The company was established with a wish to integrate the advantage resources of building the region’s glass industry and provide personalized solutions to the needs of our customers. We find personalized solutions for the customers’ demands and help customers save time and money.

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