Ohana Legacy Properties Shares Information When Moving With the Elderly in Houston

November 21 19:44 2022
Ohana Legacy Properties Shares Information When Moving With the Elderly in Houston
Let Ohana Legacy Properties Help You Transition Your Elderly Parents in Houston TX
When you’re deciding whether or not to relocate your elderly parents, it’s important to have options. Read on to find out what a senior transition specialist in Houston, Texas has to say.

Even for an adult, moving houses is a difficult task, much less for a senior. They must manage the physical responsibilities of traveling, packing, and decluttering. The emotional strain they experience as a result of uprooting their life must also be taken into consideration. But relocation can be the only choice if health difficulties pose a risk or if money problems make things tight. How can you make sure that your seniors are able to walk around safely and easily? Everything comes down to good communication and lots of patience. They’ve spent their entire life taking care of you; it’s your turn to do the same for them. It can be challenging to handle this role-reversal, but we can help! More than just a cash home buyer in Houston, TX, Ohana Legacy Properties shares some simple guidelines for moving seniors below to help make this transition easier for you and your family.

Before even thinking about the move, you must all first put your cards on the table. Be sincere with your elderly parents or relatives so that you can amicably discuss and determine your needs and available resources. For instance, will you be selling your parents’ home in Houston, TX, after the move? Who gets to keep the proceeds? You can use the following guide questions to facilitate the conversation:

  • How much care will your parents require? How can you accommodate those?

  • Will your parents downsize, relocate, enter a nursing home, or live with you?

  • Can you afford the next place? Can your parents contribute financially as retired seniors?

  • Is there any hesitation? Where is it coming from?

After you’ve had “the talk,” here are some other things you might have to do to better support your elderly parents during the move.

  • Get your parents excited for the move

Reorienting their perspective is one thing you may do to support them towards becoming ready. You might reframe it as a new beginning rather than seeing it as leaving their home. Seniors frequently hesitate to move because of the uncertainty they will encounter. By displaying pictures of the area they will be relocating to, you can give them some sense of security. Let them visualise living in their new home. Check to see whether a virtual tour is also offered for a more engaging experience. Then, consider your parents’ hobbies and interests and look for activities that they would like. Promote the relocation as a fantastic opportunity for them to network.

  • Help them with their healthcare plan

In addition to the logistics, you also have to be mindful of their physical health. Especially if the relocation is being forced by health concerns, be prepared to make modifications and concessions. Everything in the healthcare industry must be exact and easily accessible. Put all of their insurance information, doctor and pharmacy information, and records in a binder or folder. Don’t forget to keep this updated frequently as well. You would need the legal paperwork to carry out your seniors’ desires if they are unable to write healthcare directives for themselves. After talking about their healthcare preferences, put them in writing using a medical power of attorney.

  • Sell to a professional home buyer for a quick and easy transaction

The first thing you need to do after successfully planning for the move is to determine what happens to your old home in Houston. If you find yourself searching, “how do I sell my house fast in Houston, TX,”  then your best option would be to sell to a cash home buyer in Houston, TX. Selling to a cash home buyer means you get a fair cash offer, a quick close, and none of the long wait of a traditional sale. This setup is perfect if you’d rather focus on your upcoming move instead of dwell on disposing of your old home.

There are a lot of things to worry about when moving with seniors, but selling your Houston, TX house fast doesn’t have to be one of them. You won’t have to stress about expensive fees and repairs, or time-consuming agents and showings while working with cash home buyers in Houston, TX, like Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC. By selling your Houston, Texas house to the top cash home buyer in the area, you can concentrate all of your focus on taking care of your older parents. Get in touch with us here (832) 402-6181 for more information.

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