Discusses Some of the Benefits of Doing a DBS Check

November 30 01:47 2022 Discusses Some of the Benefits of Doing a DBS Check

Disclosure and barring service (DBS) checks allow individuals and organizations to obtain a full report on a person’s criminal record, including convictions, reprimands, warnings, and unspent cautions. The companies that provide this service are authorized to search through the records of over 13 million people. If there is any record of criminal activity on the Police National Computer (PNC), they will find it. Employers can read on to find out about a few of the benefits of utilizing DBS checks as a recruitment screening tool.

Protect Employees and Reputation

Performing due diligence by hiring a company like Sterling Check EMEA to perform DBS checks on potential new employees is a great way to mitigate risks to an organization. The extra effort in doing a DBS check is to protect existing employees and the company itself. Plus, according to, incorporating DBS checks into the basic hiring process can also safeguard a company’s reputation in the event any incidents occur in the future.

Build Better Intra-Company Relationships

Successful organizations foster a level of trust with employees. Performing pre-employment DBS checks helps to foster that trust by helping to ensure workplace safety and making it clear that the employer values its current team. Just look at the example of HREXplores: How DBS achieved 92% employee satisfaction while working hybrid for further proof.

Improves Brand Reputation

Requiring DBS checks for new hires doesn’t just provide reassurances for current employees. It also shows stakeholders that the company cares about the level of service it provides and is dedicated enough to invest the added time and money into vetting every member of its team carefully. Strengthening relationships with stakeholders and customers helps to build a more positive brand image and boosts a company’s reputation.

Better Customer Service

Companies are more likely to make the right hiring decisions if they take the time to understand an applicant’s background and potential criminal record. As a result, the people hired to fill open roles are usually better suited to them. Filling open positions with the right people creates a workforce that can better meet the needs of a company’s customers or clients.

Compliance With Relevant Laws

In some cases, employers are required to obtain DBS checks on new hires before allowing them to start work. This generally applies only to employers providing regulated services for children or vulnerable adults. Anyone unsure as to whether the company is required to request a DBS check can click here to find out more about the relevant laws and how to ensure compliance.

How to Request a DBS Check

Employers can request a DBS check through a company that provides new hire screenings and employee background checks. Some companies focus exclusively on DBS checks, while others can also provide international background screenings for employees with personal or work histories outside of England, Wales, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands. Working with a screening company that provides a full range of services is the best way for employers to protect their workers, companies, and reputations.

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