Kima Chemical Introduced about Cellulose Ether and what it is used for

February 08 13:18 2023

Cellulose ether is known as “industrial monosodium glutamate” which has excellent properties such as solution thickening, good water solubility, suspension or latex stability, film forming, water retention, and adhesion. Cellulose ether is also non-toxic and tasteless, and is widely used in Building materials, medicine, food, textiles, daily chemicals, petroleum exploration, mining, papermaking, polymerization, aerospace and many other fields. Cellulose ether has the advantages of wide application, small unit usage, good modification effect, and environmental friendliness. It can significantly improve and optimize product performance in the field of its addition, which is conducive to improving resource utilization efficiency and product added value. Environmentally friendly additives that are essential in various fields.

The upstream raw material of cellulose ether is mainly refined cotton/cotton pulp/wood pulp, which is alkalized to obtain cellulose, and then propylene oxide and methyl chloride are added for etherification to obtain cellulose ether. Cellulose ethers are divided into non-ionic and ionic, and their downstream applications involve building materials/coatings, medicine, food additives, etc.

Judging from the demands of different industries for non-ionic cellulose ethers, the large-scale and large-scale investment in the field of construction engineering makes the demand for non-ionic cellulose ethers for building materials account for the largest share of the global and domestic demand for non-ionic cellulose ethers. ratio is the highest. On a global scale, the consumption proportions of non-ionic cellulose ethers in different fields are as follows: about 52% in the construction field, about 21% in the daily chemical, pharmaceutical and food fields, about 16% in the coating field, and about 7% in other fields. and the polymerization reaction accounts for about 4%. China’s demand for building materials grade cellulose ether accounts for about 91% of the demand for non-ionic cellulose ether, including construction, PVC and coatings and other fields.

With the increasingly mature production technology of cellulose ether, a higher level of application technology is conducive to the improvement of comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and the formation of stable customer relationships. Well-known cellulose ether companies in developed countries mainly adopt the competitive strategy of “facing large high-end customers + developing downstream uses and usages” to develop cellulose ether uses and usage formulas, and configure a series of products according to different subdivided application fields to facilitate customers’ use, and to cultivate downstream market demand. The competition of cellulose ether enterprises in developed countries has gone from product entry to competition in the field of application technology.

Due to the structural differences in market demand for cellulose ether, cellulose ether suppliers with different strengths and weaknesses can coexist. In view of the obvious structural differentiation of market demand, China cellulose ether manufacturers have adopted differentiated competitive strategies based on their own strengths, and at the same time, they have to grasp the development trend and direction of the market well. In order to improve the competitiveness of products, cellulose ether manufacturers must ensure that the quality and stability of different batches of cellulose ether they supply can be maintained for a long time, so as to form a better market reputation.

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