AfriKare Life Introduces A Roadmap To A Financial Freedom Life Through Their R.O.B.E Approach

March 06 10:16 2023
AfriKare Life Introduces A Roadmap To A Financial Freedom Life Through Their R.O.B.E Approach
AfriKare Life awhile back expanded its product line. With their R.O.B.E Approach, they set out to help their clients reduce interests, organize expenses and income, build wealth and eliminate debt in a record time.

AfriKare Life vision is to deliver every individual, family and tribe they encounter, from financial captivity and generational poverty. They accomplish this lofty goal by caring for their clients through practical financial education and offering financial products that solves present and unforeseen financial problems thereby elevating personal, family and generational financial status. 

Everyone wants more out of life. Everyone wants independence, control over their finances, and the ability to make smart financial decisions for themselves and families. But with high interests that just keep getting higher and higher, it can seem like there is no way out. There isn’t much you can do about the fact that lenders run the show. The banks determine how much you can borrow. The banks determine the interest rates. The banks determine the term of the loans. The banks determine the payment amount. Essentially, the banks control financial lives of Americans. The AfriKare Life team disagrees and feels that a bank shouldn’t have such a long-term hold over a person’s and family financial life. 

For this reason, a system was designed to help flip this around by putting their clients in the driver seat! With this personalized financial action plan, their clients are able reduce interest payments on their mortgage, credit cards, student loans, car loans, personal loans, business loans, etc.; organize income and expenses; eliminate debt in as little as 5-7 years (and that includes a 30 year mortgage), and build wealth by reinvesting those 20+ years of interest savings into more lucrative ventures—and best of all, they don’t have to spend more time or effort than necessary doing it! It’s done automatically by their algorithm-driven system that does all the complex calculations 24/7. All their clients have to do is follow simple prompts in their Personalized Action Plan.

With their R.O.B.E approach, clients cannot only learn how the bank and lenders are taking more of their money in interest payments but will also gain knowledge of the tools needed to break free and start making financial decisions for the sake of themselves and their families. 

R.O.B.E Approach is based on four important principles:

R: Reduce Interest & Payments (Interest volume and Total Interest Percentage)

O: Organize Income & Expenses (Clearly see where every cent is going)

B: Build Wealth (Invest interest volume saved into wealth-building opportunities)

E: Eliminate Debt (Get rid of debt in a record time on current budget).

Explaining the R.O.B.E approach, one of company’s key spokespersons said, “With the help of our individualized financial plan, you can lower the interest payments on your mortgage, credit cards, and all types of loans, organize your finances, pay off your debt in as little as 5-7 years, including a 30 year mortgage, and increase your wealth by reinvesting the 20+ years of interest savings into higher-yielding endeavors. Now, you don’t have to put in any more time or effort than is necessary! Our algorithm-driven technology performs all the intricate calculations for you continuously and automatically. Simply follow the straightforward instructions in your Action Plan.”

As evident, by reducing the total amount people owe the bank as quickly as possible, their “R.O.B.E Approach” effectively lowers both interest rate and interest volume, enabling their clients to save life-changing amounts of money that can be used to invested into any wealth-building opportunities of their choice and enjoy a true financial freedom.

“This program worked GREAT! I was able to pay off $60,000 in student loans in 13 months…all without having to work any extra overtime…now working on my only debt left…my house….would highly recommend this program. Don’t let the initial cost of the program scare you off…TOTALLY worth it!” Exclaimed one of their excited customers.

Most Americans are naked, financially speaking. Only one thing needs to go wrong in their finances, and everything starts crumbling down. According to the Mind over Money survey by Capital One and The Decision Lab, 77% of Americans report anxiety about their financial situation. This study also found that, under the effects of stress, Americans are worse at saving and budgeting, feel less in control of their finances, and are more impulsive in how they spend their paychecks. This is 3 out of every 4 Americans that feels naked when it comes to their finances. This is what AfriKare Life’s R.O.B.E Approach is designed to tackle.

Another thrilled customer said “By the grace of God and a friend, we were introduced to this program and what a blessing it has been. We went from 29.8 years of debt payments owing $152,142 down to 4.9 years and paying only $112,078. That’s an interest savings of $40,084 and shaving 24.8 years off our payment schedule. Because of this program, we will be debt free in 3.3 years in spite of Covid and its impact on our business. This program has changed our lives for the rest of our lives and in a positive way – we will never look at money the same again; every dollar does count. We never imagined a debt free life and we are getting there faster and faster every day. Thank you for this life changing program that makes managing money and getting out of debt AND BUILDING WEALTH so easy. We did not have to refinance anything or change our budget to enjoy the success of the Program. We are forever grateful, and I cannot say that enough. Thank you.”

The R.O.B.E Approach is changing lives across America and the team at AfriKare Life are always available to serve their new clients as they continue to add value to their existing clients providing ongoing financial education for those who need it.

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