Renowned NGO Solar Edition is Raising Awareness about the importance of Solar Energy Through its Blogs and Media Campaigns

March 06 19:18 2023

The organization is at the forefront of combatting fake information about climate change.

With climate change causing havoc across the globe, there is a lot of fake news creeping into the mainstream narrative. To combat this, a non-governmental organization, Solar Edition, is giving a platform for activists to join forces and take the fight against climate change. The Norway-based NGO is at the forefront of raising awareness for solar energy and renewable energy storage solutions through its media awareness campaigns.

The small non-profit believes that lack of Awareness is the biggest stumbling block for humanity to achieve a sustainable future and is working hard to educate homeowners and businesses about technical alternatives and opportunities that come from renewable energies.

Speaking on occasion, a representative for the NGO said, “As the world continues to feel the effects of climate change as well as energy security, it’s critical that we start a discourse on renewable energy. There are enormous opportunities for solar energy and renewable energy storage solutions that can help humanity combat the dangers of global warming.”

They have passionate engineers who write about the art of renewable engineering. Their editorial team tests different solar panels to give their verdict on the top 10 solar panels in 2023. Besides their website, their volunteers with diverse skillset help get the word across social networks such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

The spokesperson went on to add, “Through our blog and media campaigns, we aim to educate and inspire communities to go solar. This also helps us push back against political lobbies who continue to call for an increase in fossil fuel consumption.”

Their blog provides a wealth of information on solar energy and renewable energy storage solutions, including their benefits, how they work, and how homeowners and businesses can start to reduce costs and cut down their carbon emissions the most efficient solar panels. 

The NGO funds its operations through sponsorship, donations, and advertisements from individuals, companies, and institutions who use the platform to promote their products, services, and content.

Homeowners and businesses interested in learning more about the best solar panels  for home can visit their website today.

About the Company

Solar Edition is a non-profit organization registered in Norway since 2018 (reg. no. 823 528 272) that is on a mission to inspire individuals and communities to adopt renewable energy solutions. They promote content that help homeowners find the best solar panels for home to reduce carbon emissions.

Media Contact
Company Name: Solar Edition
Contact Person: Alireza Moghadam
Email: Send Email
City: Oslo
Country: Norway

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