Detroit Porch Repair by Fully Licensed and Insured Local Business for Safe Use and Enhanced Property Values

March 07 19:00 2023
For more than 15 years, Dr. Sweep has repaired and rebuilt concrete porches. The business can create a new look or restore a classic look, as desired. Its expertise in masonry and concrete enables property owners to use porches safely while enjoying enhanced curb appeal.

According to announcements released by Dr. Sweep and John White, the Detroit porch repair services provided by this business are delivered by a team of experienced professionals that replace broken bricks and refill cracked cement on your porch, as well as repair and install new porch steps. The business strives to create an attractive and safe porch for all who use it.

Dr. Sweep opines that a porch is the first feature that visitors to a home will see and should ideally look good. A beautiful porch enhances curb appeal and the property’s value. 

The porch is an important feature of a house, and regular maintenance keeps it usable and in top condition. Repairs will help keep the porch looking great and prevent severe damage in the future. Homeowners who notice cracks in the porch’s flooring or peeling paint on its walls should consider timely repairs. 

Porch repairs offer multiple benefits to homeowners. The most significant benefit of porch repairs is that it saves homeowners money on costlier repairs later on. 

Dr. Sweep fixes issues with porches so that mold does not take hold and users’ safety is never compromised. Dr. Sweep recommends that property owners ensure the security and good working condition of railings. They should look for rust spots, loose connections, and other signs of deterioration. Damaged pieces should be replaced. The porch should be well-lit, especially in an area with much foot traffic or near a staircase. The porch rebuilders and repairers from this business can do all this for the client and inspect the furniture and accessories to ensure they are in good condition and properly secured.

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John White of Dr. Sweep said, “From the moment Dr. Sweep’s owner started working at a chimney company, something within him clicked. He realized how much he enjoyed being out daily, meeting homeowners and their families, and solving their chimney and fireplace problems and issues.

With time, he realized that customers deserved a higher quality of workmanship and customer service than presented at the company where he worked. Thus, he felt inspired to form his own company in 1999, which has grown from one location to more than 10 locations and dispatch centers.

Dr. Sweep started exclusively as a chimney sweep, inspection, and repair business. As his team discovered homeowners’ additional needs, the company evolved into also cleaning and repairing fireplaces, roofs and gutters, and porches.

Cracks and gaps in concrete are more than just an eyesore. Water can get into the joints, freeze and then expand, making the cracks even more prominent. Gaps against a house can direct water against the foundation, leading to more problems. Once a year, go around your home and look for these gaps and joints to prevent problems. Concrete cracks of any type are the bane of many homeowners. They can be in flat slabs, retaining walls, foundation walls, and steps. Concrete has incredible compressive strength, but usually, only ten percent of that is in tension when you try to pull or stretch it apart. This lack of tensile strength explains, for the most part, why concrete cracks.”

About the Company:

Dr. Sweep is a locally owned business, which for more than 15 years, has provided chimney and masonry services in and around Detroit, Michigan. Its porch services include repair, rebuild, and pre-cast step repair and installation.

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