Migos Dog Paves the Way for A New Standard of Dog Food

March 08 18:25 2023
Migos Dog Paves the Way for A New Standard of Dog Food
Migos Dog offers restaurant-grade dog food formulated for gut health.

Migos Dog, a family-owned pet food brand, is raising industry standards with its fresh dog food line made from thoughtfully selected ingredients. These nutrient powerhouses are specially formulated for gut health and made with high-quality, nutrient-dense proteins, vegetables, and grains. Each meal is gently cooked in small batches at their Malibu ranch in a USDA-approved kitchen.

Currently, the pet food industry is filled with products made from cheap ingredients and carcinogenic additives. These are responsible for several pet diseases, such as obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, and cancer.

Fueled by her passion for dogs and desire to solve this dilemma, Caroline Artiss, CEO and executive chef joined Migos Dog to create products that help dogs achieve optimal health and lead long happy lives.

By leveraging her 27 years of experience in the food industry and nutrition background, Artiss sought to create nutritionally balanced dog foods that delivers what it claims. She has also started a cooking show, Migos Dog TV, to educate dog owners on pet nutrition and how to make complete and balanced home-cooked dog meals. Quote “I believe access to good dog nutrition information should be available to everyone, the tide is turning for pet parents wanting their dogs leading happier healthier lives and they know it starts with what their dogs eat every day.”

Unlike many products on the market, Migos Dog entrees, supplements, and toppers do not contain cheap fillers like pasta, white potato, and white rice. Instead, they highlight restaurant-grade formulations free from preservatives, dyes, and other toxic chemicals. The recipes are proudly nutritionist-crafted and prepared by skilled chefs.

Migos Dog products are sold in all LA Erewhon locations and several Healthy Spot stores in LA and Bay Area. Both are high-end shops that take great care in choosing their products.

Currently, the brand only delivers fresh food within LA. The supplement powders, however, are available for shipping nationwide through the company website.

Beyond offering premium-quality dog food and recipes, the brand is also involved in animal rescue. The team works with numerous rescue organizations and shelters across LA to help abandoned and stray dogs find new, loving homes. They work closely with The Dream Fetchers Foundation, an organization committed to rehabilitating disabled dogs. CEO Artiss is also hands on, even traveling to Egypt to help Dream Fetchers bring home a unique rescue case.

Every Sunday in Santa Monica, Migos Dog opens a stall at the farmers market and a weekly pet adoption event. This allows the team to connect with the local community and inspire a movement protecting the welfare of dogs in the area.

Recently, Migos Dogs has partnered with Clint Eastwood’s daughter, Alison, to raise funds for a dog adoption facility called The Eastwood Ranch Foundation. This facility is located close to the Migos Dog ranch, allowing for better collaboration between the two organizations.

Find more information here: https://migosdog.com.

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