Bornreal is taking Hip-Hop Jewelry to the Next Level

March 09 23:58 2023
Hip-Hop Jewelry Made by Moissanite Diamond

Chanter Liang and Danny Tam are the co-founders of Bornreal Jewelry. Danny Tam has been in the jewelry industry since he was 16 years old, working with his family to manufacture top jewelry brands in China and serving worldwide Jewelry brands and customers. He has a wealth of experience as a craftsman and manufacturing quality controller. To solve the problem of diamond looseness often found in jewelry, Danny uses a microscope to carefully lay each diamond ensuring that there are no gaps. He has been able to master various difficult inlay techniques such as tight inlay and borderless inlay.

During a Hong Kong Exhibition a few years ago, Danny’s team showcased some of his customized Moissanite diamond jewelry. Chanter Liang, a hip-hop enthusiast who was dissatisfied with his customized jewelry, noticed Danny’s jewelry at the exhibition. Impressed by Danny’s craftsmanship, Chanter decided to collaborate with him and promote Danny’s exquisite jewelry and craftsmanship to the world.

In 2020, Chanter discovered that many celebrities were duped by fake jewelry that faded quickly. As a result, Chanter and Danny decided to focus their brand, BornReal, with the use of VVS Moissanite diamonds. BornReal’s main top-selling product is Moissanite Diamond Jewelry. All Moissanite Diamond used by BornReal is at VVS Clarity and Grade D that ensures the color would not change or wear out as many lower grades tend to turn into yellow color. BornReal’s Moissanite Diamond also passes the diamond tester, an industry standard to determine the quality of the diamond.

Moissanite Diamond is a lab-created gemstone that has similar durability, brilliance, and color as natural diamonds, but costs much less. BornReal uses 18k real gold plating and mixes it with vermeil gold for better protection to ensure that the jewelry maintains a long-lasting shine. BornReal believes that everyone should own their style and provide high-quality customization at an affordable price. They believe in superior quality, unique and dope design, and competitive pricing without breaking the bank.

BornReal’s goal is to become one of the top Hip-Hop jewelry brands in North America within three years. Their designs are handcrafted, and each diamond is set flat by hand under a microscope to prevent diamonds from falling out. BornReal’s artisans have an average of 10 years of jewelry experience, and one of them has been working in their factory for 21 years. Each chain is also polished by hand to make the jewels shine. They provide one-piece customized professional design capability, using their top supply chain and design team in China, to ensure as close as100% restoration of the customer’s idea.

In conclusion, BornReal Jewelry provides exquisite artisan craftsmanship, one-piece customized professional design capability, and real gold plating without color loss. Their products are made of high-quality Moissanite diamonds and offer a long-lasting shine. They believe in providing superior quality, unique and dope designs, and competitive pricing without breaking the bank.

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