The World’s First DeFi Aggregate Ecological Token HO Landed

March 13 12:02 2023

As blockchain industry evolving, it has now formed a global “troika” that includes DeFi, NFT and Meteverse! Since its growth in 2020, DeFi has reached a total locking position amount of more than 800 times the size of Deutsche Bank’s total storage amount worldwide! There are different players in the traditional financial system, including money, central banks, commercial banks, investment banks, exchanges, brokerages, insurance, payments and asset management. In contrast to the traditional roles, DeFi, by virtue of its characteristics, is able to perform similar functions through different applications. DeFi creates a transparent and autonomous borderless financial system that can accommodate more diverse assets and more complex transactions!

In the DeFi world, there are institutions that issue currencies and applications that provide a range of financial services such as lending, trading, derivatives, fund management, lotteries, payments, insurance, etc. All the Dapps can be combined with each other like Lego to achieve diverse functions. And these are indeed what the Singapore ITAG Foundation thought and done!


Singapore ITAG Venture PTE.LTD., or ITAG for short, is committed to building a global blockchain DeFi ecosystem and providing a cross-chain DeFi ecological platform for global users! ITAG Foundation’s business distributed globally, and mainly focused on fund management, lotteries, payments, asset management and other areas. The ITAG Foundation has a world-class blockchain team that is developing new blockchain products, and is looking for high-quality operations teams around the world to realize its comprehensive decentralized financial ecosystem!

As a new DeFi product, HO is co-created by Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. And as a new product in the field of DeFi, it uses simple and effective financial management, customer-oriented, blockchain + DeFi features to provide wealth-creation effect for global users, promoting it to become the world’s mainstream digital currency, and to achieve a virtuous financial ecological cycle of ITAG while creating wealth!

In the future, ITAG will replicate a financial world based on smart contract code in a decentralized way through the underlying blockchain technology, with mutual reorganization between Dapps of all its segments, such as lending, decentralized derivatives, synthetic assets and reverse synthetic assets, decentralized fund management, etc.! ITAG will build a comprehensive on-chain financial ecology that can generate value exchange, allowing us permanently shares a comprehensive network of sustainable value because of HO’s link and ITAC’s comprehensive domain empowerment!

Technology leads the world, ecology makes the future! HO, opens a new pattern of the future!

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