How to Heal Peripheral Neuropathy Guide Released at $.99 by RMC This Week Only

March 14 20:30 2023
Dr. Patrick Baker and Dr. Paul Baker of Renew Medical Centers and Neuropathy have released a new book that highlights a revolutionary treatment protocol with a 97% success rate experts are claiming can heal peripheral neuropathy (PN). The book, for sale on Audible and Amazon, not only talks about risk factors and prevention strategies, but also what many are calling a “cure” for PN, after 20,000 patients have been dramatically helped by the program.

Cincinnati, OH, USA – March 14, 2023 – A new book from Drs. Patrick and Paul Baker of Renew Medical Centers and Neuropathy of Cincinnati, available on Audible and Amazon, has been met with great acclaim for its revolutionary treatment protocol that has achieved a success rate of 97% for over 20,000 patients with peripheral neuropathy. The book, which will stay at only $.99 through Friday, outlines not only risk factors and prevention strategies but also what experts are calling a “cure” for peripheral neuropathy (PN).

Renew Medical Centers have published a new guide to help sufferers heal peripheral neuropathy

In addition to time-tested remedies to help individual in vulnerable groups, the book outlines the cutting-edge technologies that are making such a big difference in people’s lives by addressing the problem at the source: the peripheral nervous system.

The Baker brothers’ new book shows patients how to heal peripheral neuropathy with new techniques

As peripheral neuropathy is a disorder that affects the nerves in the feet, hands, arms or legs resulting in numbness, burning sensations, or weakness, leading to severe discomfort and difficulty with daily activities, this book is recommended for anyone 55 years or older, or anyone who either has had a related condition like diabetes, cancer, vitamin deficiency, autoimmune disease(s), habits of smoking or drinking, or who may need to care for someone in such a vulnerable population.

The new eBook, which is just $.99, gives strategies experts claim prevent and heal diabetic neuropathy

Dr. Paul Baker, co-owner of Renew Medical Centers and Neuropathy, had this to say about the book:

“This condition can leave its sufferers wheelchair-bound and can lead to an expensive home health care or nursing care situation, putting families savings at risk. This simple book can help people get started now to prevent this situation in the first place, or if it has become more advanced, regain function and deal with pain at its source, and in a painless way.”

Dr. Patrick Baker, co-author of the book, who has treated many peripheral neuropathy patients with Dr. Paul, added this:

“Peripheral neuropathy can be a terrible disease, if left untreated. This is why it’s important that patients seek help as soon as possible. Too many people get the impression there is nothing they can really do except take pain, anti-seizure, and anti-depressant medication, which honestly just makes the situation worse in the end. We’ve seen peripheral neuropathy patients who get informed and take initiative go from wheelchairs and levels of 10 out of 10 pain to walking with no assistance and 1 out of 10 pain. A little knowledge about PN goes a long way.”

The Kindle book will be at a 90% discount for at least 5 days during this launch, with an accompanying softcover book, and audiobook (available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes).

The peripheral neuropathy prevention and treatment guide can be find on Amazon at

Peripheral neuropathy sufferers can contact Renew Medical Centers and Neuropathy at 513 561-7836 or visit should they want to learn more.

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