Byron Edwards Releases His Latest Book Titled “Living in the Light”

March 20 18:57 2023
Know more about this inspirational story of a man’s journey to spiritual growth

A person with a reading hobby tends to have a wider viewpoint of the world. Picking up a good book has the power to increase knowledge and uplift one’s mood. Particularly, reading books on spirituality can improve mental and physical health and inspire change in an individual’s lifestyle and thinking process. For those who are on the lookout for an interesting new read, Byron Edwards has just released yet another written masterpiece titled, Living in the Light.

Living in the Light is not a typical Christian novel. It boasts of Byron Edwards’ unique writing style as he narrates the life journey of a man’s spiritual growth whilst maneuvering through a culture in decline. Centered on the character of Jake Fleming, this book is a mix of three genres, particularly, romance, adventure, and mystery.

To be more specific, Jake Fleming’s story, as carefully written in Living in the Light, focuses on the theme of gradually growing closer to God, despite life’s challenges. By going through two traumatic death experiences, Jake Fleming finds that although initially extremely difficult to process, obstacles like this are necessary to find a deeper relationship with one’s self and in faith.

In addition, Living in the Light is the kind of book that poses a question to its readers such as, “Why are we here?” or “What is the purpose of life?” To this, Byron Edwards shared the inspiration behind his genius: “It is important for Christians to show love for everyone. It doesn’t matter what race they are, what religion they are, what intimate orientations they have, what political philosophy they embrace – everybody needs love. Jesus taught love. He said that his followers should love everyone – and so we should.”

People who have read Living in the Light strongly empathize with the journey of Jake Fleming. They can attest how Byron Edwards was successful in taking the reader in the journey of his main character while he endures heartbreak, finds love again, and experiences many adventures in life as he grows closer to God.

Everyone who wants to get their hands on a copy of this book can find it at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other online outlets. To cater to every reader’s preference, it comes in hardback, paperback, and ebook formats. Other bookstores also carry this book and can be ordered.

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