European Fashion Model Michaela Vybohova Breaks Through Luxury Market With an Incredible Story and Her World-Class Footwear Collection

March 20 20:03 2023
Introducing Michaela Vybohova, a supermodel and the founder and CEO of Michaela V, a world-class luxury footwear brand.

Michaela Vybohova is no stranger to the fashion industry; as a highly successful model, she has graced the pages of some of the most prestigious fashion magazines, from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, L’officiel, Maxim, and the list goes on. 

Michaela is the founder and CEO of Michaela V, a premium footwear brand that provides style, comfort, and luxury to women. Her shoes have been requested by several celebrities, including Beyoncé, Halsey, and Olivia Culpo, and have appeared in fashion editorials such as Numero, L’Officel, and Harper’s Bazaar.

The Michaela V brand’s mission is that young girls and women like Vybohova may be inspired and afford to be a part of the fashion industry. According to the brand, ladies wearing Michaela V shoes should feel confident, comfortable, and gorgeous.

“One of the things that makes Michaela V shoes stand out is that women create it for women,” says Michaela. “When I went to my factory to check on production, I was surprised that every single individual who was hand stitching and making my shoes was a woman. I was so happy to know that my shoes are created in a safe, healthy, and happy environment.” 

Michaela Vybohova’s remarkable journey to becoming a supermodel and designer began in a small city in Slovakia, where she was raised by a single mother. Vybohova’s mother not only provided her with remarkable survival abilities but also significantly influenced why her daughter fell in love with fashion, her mother Marta (whom the first collection was named after) had a superpower to find quality pieces in thrift stores, alter them and turn them into looks that everyone wanted. 

Michaela was accepted into the fashion world at age 17 when she was offered her first modeling contract in Istanbul and Milano. As she recalls, the beginnings were not all glitz and glamour, but they were exciting. 

Michaela spent her time traveling through Europe and Asia, learning about different cultures, meeting other people from all walks of life, finding inspiration on every corner, and closely watching fashion designers hone their craft behind the scenes. This inspired her to build her fashion company – Michaela V footwear, to bring the luxury world closer to everyone and leave the luxury margin behind. 

Michaela is now based in the United States.

“I grew up around strong-minded, independent women that were always on the move and knew what they wanted. My goal is to make women feel confident and as beautiful as they are to their core,” added Michaela.

Customer Reviews

Michaela V’s stylish shoes perfectly balance elegance, comfort, and affordability.

“I’m so in love with my Michaela V’s shoes. They’re comfortable and easy to walk in and so elegant. I’ve never loved a pair of shoes more,” 

“I love my pupa slippers! They are super cute, and I always get compliments whenever I wear them. They are my most comfy pair of shoes; I recommend Michaela V shoes to everyone!”


Michaela is an international supermodel and businesswoman. She has been on several fashion magazine covers and founded Michaela V, a footwear company that offers quality, comfort, and affordability to girls and women.  

To learn more, visit the company’s website, or reach out on social media to connect on Instagram.  

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