The Portfolio Platform is revolutionising the traditional wealth management model

March 20 20:09 2023
The Portfolio Platform is revolutionising the traditional wealth management model

The Portfolio Platform
The older and perhaps outdated wealth manager and IFA model is stale, and someone had to build something different. TPP has done.

If your portfolio is with an old-fashioned Investment/Wealth manager then you lost money over the last week. Why? Because the traditional model operates by placing your money in the market and moving on to the next client.

Some would even suggest many of the wealth managers and IFA’s are salesmen who make their living by bringing money in, not by making money.

At TPP, their professional traders know that their success lies in making more money for their users. They aren’t ‘salesmen’ like the advisers at some of the UK’s largest wealth managers; their job isn’t to bring money in, it’s to make money on the strategies that they trade that are showcased on their platform.It’s simple, that is what TPP does. They have one job, to make you more money. They aren’t salesmen, they’re traders. They don’t have time to sell you a product, but fortunately for TPP, it sells itself.

Over the last week, the market fell, hard. Your traditional portfolio took a big hit, but most of the clients on The Portfolio Platform made money, again. And as everyone knows- there is no better feeling than making money in a falling market.

If you don’t have any exposure to their active strategies, then maybe you should. Just have a look at two of their top performers so far this year:


CAC Long or Flat

The most amazing thing about these two is that they are both up around 10% but one has been long, and one has been short. That’s just trading a volatile market. Anyone who tells you it’s about ‘time in the market’ and you can’t do anything about falling stocks, is full of ****. They are also not a trader.

Many of you will have read about TPP’s recent record fundraise. They raised £1,000,000 in 36 seconds beating the previous holder Monzo Bank by 60 seconds. What you won’t necessarily know is that 90% of the funds raised were from current users of their platform.If that’s not a testament to the quality of the product then we don’t know what is.

Their clients have seen how it works, and they know that it’s something special. This is why ever since they announced that they were building this concept just under 3 years ago, that we stood firmly behind them and supported the vision. The older and perhaps outdated wealth manager and IFA model is stale, and someone had to build something different. The Portfolio Platform has taken that risk, and it looks like they’ll reap the rewards.

The real risk to a portfolio is simply being long and just forgetting about it. Can you really afford to do that?

If you don’t already have a portfolio with TPP then perhaps it’s time you considered it. In the short term, many of the TPP traders have profited from last week’s movements. In fact the average TPP portfolio was positive 4.7 percent over the last 7 days.However, we’ve been informed that the overall sell bias has been reduced as many profits have been taken.It will be interesting to see how the TPP portfolios evolve moving forward.

TPP Co-Founder Edward Davies explains how one would build a portfolio with TPP:

‘Building a portfolio with TPP is like building a house. Start with a solid base. The first building blocks should be a leveraged tracker or two, then add a lower risk long or flat strategy that will add extra value when stocks move in the right direction. Finish with an active strategy that will short the market as often as it will go long to create a hedge for your portfolio.

A diversified portfolio is a winning portfolio. Why spend 40% of your capital buying bonds in case equities go down? Just buy fewer equities and save on management costs. Wealth managers have been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes for too long.

TPP is trying to revolutionise the investment world by using new tech, quality trading strategies and common sense.’

This multi million GBP valued fintech business has only been formed for 2.5 years, but is already disrupting the industry. After recently issuing 50,000 new shares to their investors at a price of 28.75GBP each, founders Lane Clark and Edward Davies are not only sitting on a valuable holding themselves (100,000 shares each), but they also now have a ‘growth fund’ to fuel some of their many ideas.

After growing into 11 different countries via word of mouth over the last couple of years, they are now preparing for the next chapter: The Scale Up.

New software, investor shows, and targeted marketing are just some of the avenues opening up to TPP.

However, with their 98.8 percent retention rate of clients so far, it does seem like it is only a matter of time until the business goes viral.

We have been banging The Portfolio Platform drum for quite some time now, however at this rate- the noise might be deafening soon.

The investment revolution is building momentum.

Lane Clark (Co-Founder) said the following:

‘TPP is attempting to fill the space for investors between the traditional wealth management model, and the fintech brigade. One blindly follows markets and over charges, and the other provides a DIY solution where most investors lose. At TPP, our traders are tasked with making 2 x their market benchmark per annum. Their live track records on our platform demonstrate that sometimes they beat these targets. We’re proud of what we have built, and are excited for the future’.

If you would like to find out more about The Portfolio Platform visit their website on

They also offer a demo facility and an excellent content strategy which is FREE to everyone who registers on their platform.

Here is a great example of their content posted recently:

The facts behind the fall of SVB-

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