Readers Praise Kathleen Dutton’s Romantic Suspense Novel Out of Habit

March 20 21:16 2023
Author Kathleen Dutton Released her 2022 novel with the tagline, “Sometimes we dare to change the things we do strictly…Out of Habit.” The book follows Allie, a young woman who embarks on a journey to discover the dark secrets hidden in her past alongside a rookie reporter.

Out of Habit by Kathleen Dutton is available on multiple online retailers. The romantic suspense novel follows Allison “Allie” Weston, a young woman raised by the nuns of St. Ives Institution since she was ten. While contemplating taking her own vows, Allie is encouraged to experience life outside the institution before making such a commitment. 

Allie, like many children who grew up in the foster care system, struggles with the nightmares left behind after a traumatic childhood. She relies upon the sheltering care of St. Ives and considers becoming a nun after her college graduation. However, she is encouraged to go out into the world and experience what a secular life has to offer before answering the calling to commit her life to God. 

After a chance meeting, rookie reporter Ryan Harper senses a story in Allie. The pair gets to know each other better, and as Ryan learns more of her history, he begins to suspect dark secrets lie hidden in the shadows of Allie’s past. 

A Touching, Soulful Love Story

While hungering to break the story, Ryan never planned to fall in love with Allie, and he must find a way to uncover the mysteries of her tragic past without destroying her in the process. He offers her a solid emotional foundation, giving unyielding support and love as she examines her past traumas to process the emotions and move on with her life. Allie faces the shattering truths of her past with Ryan by her side, choosing to “change the things we do strictly…Out of Habit.”

Out of Habit is a clean romance with a suspenseful twist. Readers praised Dutton’s well-rounded characters and the spiritual, emotional story she tells throughout the novel.  With enough suspense to keep readers turning the page, the book follows Allie as she dares to change her story. Dutton shows the emotional and spiritual journey Allie undertakes as she works to overcome her past traumas and take control of her life. 

Meet Author Kathleen Dutton

Wordsmith Kathleen Dutton has loved crafting stories and creating worlds full of unlimited potential since childhood. After retiring from the professional world as a clinical engineer, she lives with her family in Michigan and writes in her spare time. Dutton enjoys penning suspenseful tales to capture readers’ imagination while crafting characters whose journeys can inspire. To know more about Dutton’s work visit her website at

Dutton attended the Ottawa International Crafts & Book Expo last March 3-5, 2023. Her book signing session was a success, and the conversations she had with a diverse audience of literature lovers showcased her literary knowledge and dedication to her craft. Her ability to connect with her audience and share her insights on writing was a testament to her talent and passion for literature.

Grab a copy of Out of Habit to learn more about Allie’s journey to discover and accept her past, make a meaningful change in her life, and find love. Available at the MapleStaple bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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