PETAi draws attention with its concept of fostering animal love and incorporating artificial intelligence technology

March 22 01:30 2023

PETAi is the newest blockchain initiative that merges representations of animals in art and graphics with AI technology. PETAi is for anyone who loves animals and wants their own “pet” NFT.  The users can communicate with members of the Pet Metaverse community who are enthusiastic about “burning” technology by bringing this NFT into the community through PETAi.

According to the founding team, the project is based on the Arbitrum Blockchain, a community-based Blockchain that facilitates the use of AI in content creation. The platform will produce movies and photographs pertaining to animals that will then be turned into NFTs.

One of PETAi’s most exciting features is enabling its users to create and communicate with “virtual” 3D pets with unique personality qualities. This is just one of many elements that make PETAi a special and interesting project that will appeal to animal lovers and tech aficionados.

Users of the PETAi and the creator have the ability to build a decentralized social network where users are allowed to share images and videos demonstrating their affection for animals freely. Users will receive rewards for engaging, culturally relevant, or high-quality NFTs on a quarterly, annual, or event-based basis.

Not content with merely inventing NFTs, PETAi really brought its “story” to life by donating all “NFTs & PETA token” transaction fees to:, the largest animal organization in the world. Here is the spot to share details of abused, homeless, and abandoned animals from around the world. The “PETA Action” team was subsequently created to address the world’s animal issues. Also, Mesa – The world’s first NFT Multi-Chain exchange platform, will join forces with PETA in the near future to support their efforts in the movement.

Why is PETAi the ideal fusion of artificial intelligence and art?

The art world is witnessing a change, as artificial intelligence (AI) can now make and assess works of art, even turning them into NFTs. Images, films, and music produced by AI algorithms can closely mimic works of art done by humans.  

Trading NFT and the advantages of arbitrage

Using Arbitrum to create PETAi has a number of advantages, one of which is its capacity for quick and affordable transactions. PETAi’s creation of “virtual pets,” adventures, community contributions, and social networking capabilities will significantly rely on blockchain technology, thus, it’s critical that the platform can process high volumes of transactions rapidly and effectively while preserving almost 100% security.


The distribution of PETA Token is as follows.

Total Token Supply: 1000.000.000.000 PETA 

Liquidity (90%) – 900.000.000.000 

Marketing (10%) – 

Transation Fees: 

5% : Add Liquidity 

5% : Burning 

Contract Address: 0xeAA6180eeC9fFD4b53EbE980ca465Aa38Bfa769B 

How to buy PETA? 

Step 1: Users can install metamask or trustwallet in their browser or phone- Go to, or search on google for metamask, and follow the steps to add metamask to their browser 

Step 2: Send ETH to your metamask or trustwallet – Send ETH from an exchange/wallet or buy it through metamask/trustwallet) 

Step 3: Connect the metamask to a bridge 

Step 4: Bridge ETH from ETH mainnet to Arbitrum one – Enter the amount of eth you want to bridge and click on move funds to arbitrum one. wait until finished 

Step 5: Connect to Uniswap 

Step 6: Swap ETH for PETA 

PETAi is a platform that blends the strength of artificial intelligence, art, and animal care to offer users a satisfying, enjoyable experience. PETAi has the potential to be the market leader in the field of artificial intelligence and virtual pets because of its distinctive features and robust community.

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