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April 13 14:04 2023

Water quality monitoring is one of the main work of environmental monitoring, is accurate, timely and comprehensive reflect the current situation and development trend of water quality, for water environment management, pollution source control, environmental planning and other scientific basis, plays a vital role in the protection of the whole water environment, water pollution control and maintenance of water environment health.

Shanghai Chunye is committed to the service purpose of “transforming ecological environmental advantages into ecological economic advantages”.

Business scope mainly focuses on industrial process control instrument, water quality online automatic monitoring instrument, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) online monitoring system and TVOC online monitoring and alarm system, Internet of Things data acquisition, transmission and control terminal, CEMS smoke continuous monitoring system, dust noise online monitoring instrument, air monitoring and other products research and development, production, sales and service

Conductivity Sensor Product overview

1.It is used to continuously monitor and control the conductivity value /TDS value and temperature value of aqueous solution.

2.Widely used in power plant, petrochemical, metallurgy, paper industry, environmental protection water treatment, light industry electronics and other fields.

3.For example, power plant cooling water, supply water, saturated water, condensate water and furnace water, ion exchange, reverse osmosis EDL, seawater distillation and other water making equipment raw water and water quality monitoring and control.

Product characteristics

1.Digital sensor, RS-485 output, MODBUS support

2.No reagent, no pollution, more economical and environmental protection

3.Cylindrical bulb, large sensitive area, faster response time and stable signal.

4.The electrode shell is made of PP, which can withstand the high temperature of 0~50℃.

5.The lead adopts the sensor special quality four-core shield wire, the signal is more accurate and stable.



Conductivity /TDS/ salinity sensor

Power supply



The diameter is 30mm x the length is 165mm


0.55KG (including 10m cable)


body: PP

Cable: PVC

Waterproof rating


Measuring range

0~30000µS·cm-1 ;


Temperature: 0-50℃

Display accuracy





Storage temperature

0 to 45℃

Pressure range



liquid calibration,field calibration

Cable length

standard 10 meters cable, can be extended to 100 meters

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