Bitop Launches “Asset Guarantee Fund” to Safeguard Digital Assets for Traders

May 24 00:57 2023
Bitop Introduces Exclusive Guarantee Fund for Traders to Enhance Asset Protection and Security

Bitop, the emerging digital asset exchange, has recently introduced a new service called the “Asset Guarantee Fund” that provides traders with enhanced asset protection and security. With the increasing risk of digital asset misappropriation and withdrawal limitations, Bitop strives to provide traders with a secure trading experience.

The Asset Guarantee Fund service facilitates traders with an exclusive address and a guarantee fund based on the asset ratio calculation rules for different coins. This allows traders to view their personal assets on the chain and track their asset security, ensuring that their assets are protected and can be withdrawn without any hassle.

To ensure the effectiveness of the Asset Guarantee Fund, Bitop will take a snapshot every other Sunday at 23:59:59 (UTC+8), and adjust the guarantee fund in the trader’s exclusive address based on the snapshot amount and the asset ratio rules of the coins. The protection mechanism provides traders with the confidence to trade on Bitop without worrying about their assets’ safety.

The Asset Guarantee Fund service is available for free and provides traders with an added layer of security, ensuring that their digital assets are safeguarded against any potential risks. Traders are encouraged to apply for the service and take advantage of the free lucky draw chance to win bonus rewards. Potential users can apply for the “Asset Guarantee Fund” through the following steps:

1. Register or log in to Bitop, and complete the KYC authentication.

2. Deposit funds to your Bitop account, such as USDT, ETH, or any other cryptocurrencies supported by Bitop.

3. Click “Assets”, find “Asset Guarantee Fund”, and select “Apply”.

4. Read the application details before clicking the “Apply” button.

5. The total assets of your Bitop account must reach 1,000 USDT or above, and you will receive a notification of “Application success”.

6. Click the exclamation mark next to “Asset Guarantee Fund” to view your exclusive address and check your personal assets through this address.

 In conclusion, Bitop’s Asset Guarantee Fund service is a step towards ensuring the security of digital asset trading. Traders can rest assured that their assets are protected, and they can focus on trading with confidence.

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