Nurbossyn Sybanbayev Shares Insights on the Power of Responsible Actions in Achieving Life Goals

June 06 01:18 2023
Nurbossyn Sybanbayev Shares Insights on the Power of Responsible Actions in Achieving Life Goals

Nurbossyn Sybanbayev is a successful entrepreneur from Kazakhstan who moved to the United States with his wife and four children four years ago. The trucking company he owns was established in 2020 and has become a reliable foundation for his family’s financial and spiritual stability. They contribute to the growth of the economy and the development of a free democratic country, a country that upholds equal rights and provides ample opportunities for everyone to achieve their aspirations.

Today, it is hard to imagine someone who does not strive for success in their career and the establishment of a happy and prosperous family. Every step Nurbossyn Sybanbayev takes in his business represents a small success on the path to achieving his larger goal. He has already partially fulfilled the second priority in his life. His large family serves as a model of love, loyalty, care, and harmony. Nurbossyn refers to his wife, Aigul, as his right hand. She not only takes care of the home and children but also assists him in running the business. While the children are still studying, the values cultivated in their family instill in them a proper understanding of life. From an early age, they are also raised with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset.

Nurbossyn himself grew up in a loving and hardworking family. He spent more time with his father on the family farm, and even then, he understood what it meant to work for oneself and dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur when he grew up. His inclination towards exact sciences and excellent academic performance in school earned him a scholarship to study at the prestigious Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, specializing in “Bachelor of Economics and Production Management.” In the same institution, he obtained a Master’s degree in “Master of Jurisprudence.” However, this time, Nurbossyn was able to finance his own education. Additionally, before getting married, the enterprising young man managed to purchase a two-bedroom apartment in the center of Almaty.

Two higher educations, work experience as an accountant and a lawyer, as well as legal practice, became a great support for creating the first major construction business. The final product turned out to be more in demand than expected. Motivation, perseverance, a well-built strategy, and effective actions allowed the entrepreneur to make the business successful quite quickly. Understanding that money should work, he began to invest them in the development of the business and also invested in real estate.

The first wave of the financial crisis in Kazakhstan, which started in the autumn of 2007, caused problems in the construction sector across the country. And in 2008, the crisis hit the real estate market. When it became evident that the crisis situation would last for several years, Nurbossyn, evaluating all the risks, exited the business and switched to another field of activity. In 2009, together with his wife, he bought a cafe in a bustling location in Almaty. Thanks to effective management and administration, the establishment quickly became self-sustaining and started generating a stable monthly income. Intense competition in the restaurant industry motivated the businessman to constantly maintain quality, improve the menu, introduce new ideas, and change concepts depending on the market situation. Such an approach to conducting business helped not only to withstand another crisis but also to grow. The cafe thrives to this day, but now its uninterrupted operation is ensured by Aygul’s relatives.

Guided by a number of objective reasons, at the end of 2019, the Nurbossyn Sybanbayev family moved to the United States to build their business in a new place. By investing money in the purchase of a truck and trailer, the entrepreneur opens a business related to the installation of 5G cell towers, the development of which coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the spread of fake news claiming that 5G makes people vulnerable to the coronavirus, the profitability of the business sharply declined. That’s when Nurbossyn decides to open a transportation and logistics company and moves with his family to Florida.

Personal competencies, expertise, and years of experience in business, combined with a significant upswing in the trucking industry during this time, have allowed the businessman to quickly immerse himself in new tasks, adapt to the market, and achieve effective results. The family managed to save money for a down payment and buy a house with a mortgage, carry out excellent renovations, and so on.

Today, Nurbossyn Sybanbayev continues to successfully develop his business, despite the fact that the field of automotive transportation is becoming increasingly competitive. Moreover, he is charged with the idea of scaling the company’s operations and is willing to invest the accumulated capital into its development. This speaks to the seriousness of his intentions and his further readiness to contribute to the growth and development of the United States of America. As renowned American speaker and business trainer Jim Rohn claims, “When you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.”

Anyone wishing to take advantage of high-quality logistics services in Florida and throughout the United States can contact Nurbossyn Sybanbayev via email at [email protected]

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