Qilu Pharmaceuticals: Crafting Good Drugs with Care, Winning Global Markets with International Quality

August 29 13:41 2023

After experiencing the heat, Jinan is entering autumn, and the temperature is gradually cooling, but it cannot stop the heat on the production line of Qilu Pharmaceutical. In the production workshop of Qilu Pharmaceutical, a targeted drug for anti-tumor purposes is being intensively produced, and soon, this batch of drugs will be shipped to the United States across the ocean.

The data from the foreign trade market further confirms this – Qilu Pharmaceutical Group’s export value from January to July this year was 565 million US dollars, of which human preparations achieved an export value of 770 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22%. In the main markets, the sales volume of preparations exported to Europe increased by 120% year-on-year, and the exports of preparations to Japan increased by 35%; The export of raw materials for human use has achieved a counter trend growth of 19%.


Highlighting our world-class quality advantage, “Zhang Jing, the general manager of Qilu Pharmaceutical Import and Export Company, said that he has won customer recognition in the international market with first-class quality, stable supply capacity, and competitive prices.

Qilu Pharmaceutical has always attached great importance to product quality. As early as 1993, Qilu Pharmaceutical introduced advanced production lines from countries such as Germany and Italy, and implemented internal control standards that were higher than national standards.


The current high growth is not out of thin air, it is not only based on the product quality of Qilu Pharmaceutical, but also on the unremitting efforts in the early stage.

Li Yan, President of Qilu Pharmaceutical Group, has elaborated on the development concept of “going global” on multiple occasions. After several years of layout and certification work, Qilu Pharmaceutical shipped the first batch of injection products to the United States in April 2016, and also exported the first batch of sterile injection products to the European Union in January 2018.

Nowadays, Qilu Pharmaceutical’s pharmaceutical products are exported to regulatory markets such as the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia. About 40 products have the highest market share globally or in the countries they are sold, with a cumulative export of 2.38 billion US dollars from 2020 to 2022.

Especially this year, Qilu Pharmaceutical overcame many unfavorable factors. From January to July, the overall export volume reached 565 million US dollars, with particularly significant growth for major trading partners such as the European Union and the United States.

“In addition to laying out high-end markets such as Europe, America and Japan,” said Zhang Hanchang, vice president of Qilu Pharmaceutical Group, “we attach great importance to emerging markets, such as countries along the the Belt and Road, BRICS+countries, ASEAN, etc.”

Once the door to “going out” is opened, it will not close. As the door opens wider and wider, Qilu Pharmaceutical’s “core” of innovation and development is highlighted.


In 2021, Qilu Pharmaceutical’s R&D investment reached 3.32 billion yuan; In 2022, Qilu Pharmaceutical will invest 3.89 billion yuan in innovative research and development, accounting for 10.4% of its annual sales revenue; In 2023, Qilu Pharmaceutical’s R&D investment is expected to exceed 4 billion yuan… Currently, the company has laid out more than 80 first class new drugs and more than 200 urgently needed non patented drugs in the field of major diseases, and its R&D pipeline is in a leading position in the industry. Not long ago, its new drug for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, Irouac, was officially approved for marketing.

Qilu Pharmaceutical has launched over 300 products, undertaken dozens of major national science and technology special projects for the creation of new drugs, and applied for over a hundred invention patents. Its revenue has exceeded 100 million yuan in 1990 to 37.5 billion yuan in 2022, with a revenue growth of over 370 times in the past 32 years.

Will this growth momentum continue? Through our early market layout, especially in the high-end market, we have established a global sales network, coupled with vertical integration of raw materials and formulations, ensuring product quality and stable supply. “Zhang Hanchang stated that overcoming the adverse effects of this year, some product sales are expected to achieve a growth of about 20% throughout the year.

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