Motivational Expert Shawn Anderson Inspires One More Time. Walks Across 9th Country Since 2014

August 29 20:10 2023
Extra Mile Guy Walks Coast-to-Coast Across Scotland

Los Angeles, California – August 29, 2023 – Motivational expert Shawn Anderson doesn’t only motivate people with the words in his books and speeches; he inspires people with his actions. The 7-time author has just completed his latest inspiring adventure by walking across Scotland, the 9th country he’s crossed on foot.

Creating extra-mile challenges is nothing new for the motivational author and speaker. Anderson has peddled a bike 4,000 miles solo across the United States twice, and since 2014 has walked across Scotland, England, Ireland, Italy, France, Portugal, two different routes across Spain and 750 miles around Shikoku, Japan. Additionally, Anderson has run a 100-mile race, completed a 40-day around-the-world trip and has created adventures in over 50 countries.

“I use these challenges as ax-sharpening tools,” Anderson shares. “Life dulls us unless we keep ourselves sharp. By walking hundreds of miles across a foreign country with a backpack over my shoulders, I learn to breathe deep and dream big again. And every time I return home, I find my purpose sharpened and my passion reinvigorated.”

And while some may believe age should be an obstacle to walking hundreds of miles with a backpack on your back, the idea doesn’t faze Anderson, age 60. “If I act old, I grow old faster. If I think scared…I live scared. I choose to do neither.” Anderson continues, “The same thing with being a motivator. If I’m going to be the real deal in motivating others to dream and do bigger, I’d better do it myself. How can anybody talk about ‘going the extra mile’ and overcoming challenges if they’ve never lived it? It matters to me that I walk my talk.”

The former #1 author of the motivational book, A Better Life: An Inspiring Story About Starting Over, SOAR to the Top!, and most recently The Four Fibs, Anderson is also the Founder of Extra Mile America and the creator of Extra Mile Day – a day recognizing the capacity we each have to create positive change when we go the extra mile. On November 1, 2022, 512 mayors and cities made the unique declaration and recognized those in their local communities who were going the extra mile in volunteerism and service.

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