From Football to Half a Million, Edward McKee Inspires a Generation of Dreamers

October 03 21:33 2023

Starting from being a college football player to earning half a million dollars at age 20, Edward McKee is making waves globally and is set to become one of the youngest millionaires in the cleaning business industry. 

Edward McKee, known by many as “Ed,” played football ever since he was in kindergarten. He played for All Saints Episcopal School, where he was coached by Aaron Beck and later Kyle Brey. In 2020, Ed led the charge in putting the All Saints team in the semifinals in TAPPS.

Riding on the crest of a wave in football, however, took a lot of work for Ed. He had torn his Achilles twice in the past two years and hung the cleats up. However, Ed did not let these injuries determine what he wanted to become and what he wanted to be known to be.

Ed, born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, used this experience to start a business and unlock his entrepreneurial potential. 

“After the second tear, I decided it was best that I stop playing ball for now and focus on other things in my life. I had a genius idea of starting a business,” shared Ed, who decided to make a difference and transform his huge business ideas into successful ventures.

Ed decided to put up a cleaning business and made almost half a million dollars at just 20 years old. By 21, he’s set to be a millionaire and continue to carve out a name in the business.

Light at the end of the tunnel

It may have been stormy for Ed, but it never rains forever. For him, success is failure and hard work at the same time and a continuous cycle of learning and sacrificing.

“I want people to realize that you are a lot more capable of things than you think if you put your mind to something. They can actually make good money at any age if they put their minds to it and grind,” shared Ed. 

One thing most people don’t know about Ed is hunting is his passion. This motto became his anchor during trying times, helping him navigate through the ups and downs of life.

“I want people to know that it’s not the end of the tunnel to stop playing your sport. You learn a lot of things about yourself and your motivation,” shared Ed.

Today, Ed continues to inspire people across generations that any injury is a chance to come back stronger. Those who want to learn more about Edward McKee’s “From Football to Half a Million” journey may visit

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