SAINEIMSNE Salon: A Salon of Intellectual Enlightenment for Women

March 04 21:30 2024

SAINEIMSNE, a salon brand that remained dormant for decades, seems to be quietly resurfacing, once again subtly influencing the world, much like its salon activities from decades ago.

The SAINEIMSNE salon brand, which once influenced a significant portion of intellectual women’s groups in Britain and even Europe during the 1960s and 70s, may seem unfamiliar to some, especially to those of older generations. However, with sufficient patience and research, one can uncover occasional mentions of its salon events and articles on psychological guidance in old British newspapers from the 60s and 70s. Unlike typical commercial salon brands, these mentions weren’t advertisements targeting the public but rather contributions to intellectual discourse.

Subsequently, through conversations with some women who were part of established British clubs and are still alive today, I learned that the salons associated with SAINEIMSNE clubs were not just forums for exchanging experiences of career and family failures at the emotional level, often involving the use of fragrances for comfort. They also featured wearable items like badge-like brooches or jewelry with symbolic motifs, aimed at offering solace.

While artifacts popular in some of Britain’s longstanding clubs from long ago are challenging to obtain and verify from the United States, we can delve into the official descriptions of SAINEIMSNE fragrances currently in circulation, as well as the themes and content of their salons, to further analyze their influence. It appears that their salons often followed a psychological model, providing intellectual enlightenment to many sophisticated individuals in a planned, structured, and effective manner.

Here, I’d like to highlight a few SAINEIMSNE salon fragrances that have had significant impact:

For instance, “Madame De Pompadour,” inspired by the life of Madame de Pompadour. The fragrance, featuring a blend of British pear, champagne, and rose, exudes a captivating aura. It carries a sense of the era’s feminine power, rather than being merely sweet or delicate, with a distinctly cinematic quality. During salon sessions, the host recounted the story of a respected socialite in Britain who, facing marital discord due to her husband’s career setbacks, overcame depression through therapy. She then resolved to reclaim her social standing, leveraging her network to establish a successful career and assist her husband professionally, thereby strengthening their marriage. Inspired by her journey, she themed the fragrance after Madame de Pompadour and hosted numerous salons to encourage other affluent women to pursue their own aspirations.

Another example is “Extreme Magnolia,” inspired by the life of Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria. Depicting Maria Theresa’s transformation from an innocent princess to a wise and dependable ruler, the fragrance combines gentle floral and fruity notes with woody undertones, evoking a sense of grace and strength. During salon discussions, the host shared the story of a wealthy widow who, after losing her husband in middle age, initially struggled with depression and anxiety. Through psychological therapy and participation in salon sessions, she emerged from her emotional turmoil and, instead of remarriage, embarked on a journey to build her own career while raising her three children. Eventually, she became a successful lawyer, advocating for women’s rights and helping others in need. Inspired by her story, she themed the fragrance after Maria Theresa and organized and participated in numerous salon events to inspire more women to assert their rights and pursue fairness.

There’s also “Rose Divine,” a fragrance combining the scents of red wine and roses. Inspired by the enlightenment of feminist thought during the French Revolution when women, alongside men, stormed the Bastille, it carries a sense of empowerment. In salon discussions, the host introduced the original creator as a reputable female lawyer. Before becoming a lawyer, this woman faced gender discrimination and workplace harassment, leading to psychological issues that severely affected her personal and professional life. Through psychological therapy and participation in salon sessions, she gained the courage to study law, fight against societal injustices, and eventually become a proficient lawyer, aiding other women in need. Inspired by her journey, she themed the fragrance after Rose Divine and actively organized and participated in salon events to encourage more women to assert their rights.

Regarding SAINEIMSNE’s psychological salons, unlike commercial salons, they are not as grandiose but rather follow a more traditional European salon model. Some are hosted by psychologists, while others are informal gatherings where individuals mutually support each other. In today’s restless society, how many salons still adhere to the original spirit of their inception?

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