Award-Winning Author Brenda M. Lane Delights Readers with Her Latest Novel, “Marginal Madge: Always on the Edge”

March 05 00:15 2024
Award-Winning Author Brenda M. Lane Delights Readers with Her Latest Novel, "Marginal Madge: Always on the Edge"
Bestselling author Brenda M. Lane releases her new novel, “Marginal Madge: Always on the Edge,” a story of resilience and humor, which has earned the Literary Titan Gold Book Award. Lane’s unique storytelling, influenced by her successful music and writing career, offers readers a blend of personal growth, family dynamics, and the profound aspects of life.

Bestselling author and ASCAP composer Brenda M. Lane returns with her latest literary masterpiece, “Marginal Madge: Always on the Edge,” a novel that has already captivated readers and critics alike, earning the prestigious Literary Titan Gold Book Award.

In “Marginal Madge: Always on the Edge,” readers are introduced to the remarkably resilient Marginal Madge and a cast of characters whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways. This novel brings to life an old miserly woman, Alice Turbantine, who makes a life-changing decision to hire Marginal, a person with a rare talent for finding humor in the most absurd situations. Through her journey from youth to adulthood, Marginal’s hardships are transformed into blessings, revealing a life directed with precise and impeccable guidance.

Literary Titan praises the novel, highlighting its compelling narrative and character development: “Marginal Madge, in Brenda M. Lane’s book, is as intriguing as her name. The story intricately weaves family dynamics, a passion for cooking, and unexpected life challenges into a tapestry of resilience and personal growth. The inclusion of recipes offers a unique, interactive experience, and the plot’s suspense keeps readers eagerly turning pages.”

Brenda M. Lane, known for her extraordinary music career and inspirational writing, brings her unique voice and perspective to this narrative. Her first book, “Under the Eye: A Composer’s Journey,” documented her musical journey and set the stage for her venture into fiction. Her faith-based accounts, balancing pain with joy and adventure, are evident in the rich storytelling of “Marginal Madge.”

For those who relish contemporary stories that delve into personal growth, family dynamics, and life’s simpler yet profound aspects, “Marginal Madge: Always on the Edge” is a must-read. Lane’s story resonates with quiet strength, offering a testament to the unpredictability of life and the resilience required to navigate its changes.

“Marginal Madge: Always on the Edge” is available now on Kindle, Audible and in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Book

In this captivating tale, a young woman with an extraordinary ability to find humor in the most absurd situations transforms her life from a series of hardships to a journey of blessings. When an old, miserly woman decides to hire her, their lives intertwine with an eclectic cast, from a whimsical cat to a meticulous accountant. Together, they embark on a path of healing and self-discovery, unveiling hidden strengths and the unpredictability of life. Through her struggles and triumphs, she proves that life’s direction is often guided with more precision than one might expect, turning every challenge into an opportunity for growth and every mundane moment into a chance for laughter and learning.

About the Author

Brenda M. Lane is an ASCAP Composer who has written over a thousand songs across multiple genres. Featured in radio broadcasts, podcasts, and interviews, her journey in music and writing has touched many. As a contributing author for Chicken Soup for the Soul, her stories have been published in “Dreams and the Unexplainable” and “Miracles and the Unexplainable.”

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