Hemp Uses Expand Far Beyond CBD. Botanic Wellness Innovates Biodegradable Hemp-Based Solutions

April 24 17:27 2024
Hemp Uses Expand Far Beyond CBD. Botanic Wellness Innovates Biodegradable Hemp-Based Solutions

“The decisions that consumers and businesses make can be part of the solution to plastic pollution,” said Rhonda Peoples, VP of Sales for Botanic Wellness.
As a leader in the crowded CBD and hemp industry, Botanic Wellness sets the pace with its unique, scientifically-based hemp-based solutions, specializing in eco-friendly hemp bioplastics and biodegradable products. Leveraging the robust potential of industrial hemp, Botanic Wellness innovates in environmental conservation, fighting plastic pollution with their biodegradable straws and cutlery, marking their commitment to combining nature’s wonders with advanced green technology.

MELBOURNE, LONDON, PHOENIX – In the crowded CBD and hemp industries, countless brands strive to differentiate their offerings, from tinctures to gummies. Botanic Wellness, a front-runner in hemp-based solutions, is doing that and more, continuously outpacing its peers through distinctive, scientifically proven, and truly unique product lines and pioneering practices.

The key to Botanic Wellness’s success? Their innovative application of industrial hemp. Known for its eco-friendly hemp-based bioplastics, the company has expanded the scope of hemp’s potential and curated a diverse portfolio of eco-friendly products — from hemp-based bioplastic resins that can be used in multiple manufacturing processes to biodegradable cutlery and straws. “With the hemp industry continuously evolving, staying at the forefront of innovation is an imperative at Botanic Wellness,” explained Joe Wicker, CEO of Botanic Wellness. “We’ve taken the robust benefits of industrial hemp and tailored them to cater to, practically, countless industries through our robust, but biodegradable hemp bioplastics.”

Botanic Wellness’s innovative approach extends beyond product formulation; it includes pioneering the use of hemp plastic as a biodegradable resource that is a testament to its commitment to environmental conservation. Recognizing growing consumer interest in environmentally conscious and naturally sourced products, Botanic Wellness has honed its commitment to ethical farming practices and green technology.

Hemp plants, processed through energy-efficient methods, abide by strict international standards, resulting in traceable and high-quality hemp extracts and promoting the development of hemp bioplastic and other hemp-derived polymers. Acknowledging the challenge of major industrial players in bringing wellness products to market, Joe Wicker highlighted, “Innovation isn’t about reinventing the wheel but upgrading to meet contemporary demands. That’s what Botanic Wellness represents — a merger of nature’s wonders with scientific and technological advancements.”

To reinforce its foothold in the hemp industry, Botanic Wellness has introduced a series of corporate initiatives, from targeted research collaborations to consumer-awareness programs; the brand invests heavily in understanding the nexus between hemp, environmental consciousness, and consumer preferences. Strategic partnerships, along with its research team’s ingenuity, mark Botanic Wellness’s drive to create unmatched value for its customers through the innovative use of hemp fibers and the creation of hemp bioplastic, reflecting a strong pivot towards sustainability and renewable resources.

“Innovation isn’t an end goal but a continuous journey,” Joe Wicker said. “As a global player in the dynamic hemp industry, Botanic Wellness aims to be the linchpin connecting innovation with consumer well-being.” Botanic Wellness’s ambitious growth strategies, substantiated by its innovative product pipelines and practices, undeniably reinforce its image as an industry leader, uncompromising in quality and innovative in vision.

Botanic Wellness Innovations = A Better World.

About Botanic Wellness:

Botanic Wellness, established in 2019 and headquartered in Australia, has emerged as a leading global player in the rapidly growing and developing hemp industry. Through forward-looking, eco-friendly, hemp-based bioplastic, resins, etc., Botanic Wellness enables customers across markets to benefit from sustainable, high-quality hemp solutions. With international subsidiaries, including the US, UK, and Australian operations, the global company continues to grow with a diverse portfolio, charting the path forward in hemp-based biodegradable products; utilizing its vast network and cutting-edge farming and processing techniques, Botanic Wellness skillfully navigates the complexity of hemp production, ensuring the highest quality, and compliance with stringent guidelines. At the heart, Botanic Wellness strives to meet the ever-changing demands of the market through its commitment to integrity, service, and the environment. 

DISCLAIMER: All products and services mentioned, created, and rendered by Botanic Wellness Ltd. are in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill, as well as the Novel Foods Regulations.

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