Womben Wellness Launches Impactful 14-Week Womb Circle Facilitator Certification Program, Kicking Off June 1st

May 20 23:58 2024
Ride the Rising Trend of Women’s Circles as a Facilitator with Womben Wellness’ Immersive Training

Womben Wellness is thrilled to announce the second launch of its exclusive 14-Week Womb Circle Facilitator Certification program, commencing on June 1st. With women’s circles gaining momentum as vital spaces for empowerment and support, this program, spearheaded by founder Usha Anandi, marks a significant milestone in Womben Wellness’s commitment to guiding women on the path to reclaiming their health and embracing their innate feminine wisdom.

Utilizing the proven 3-Pillar Womb Circle method, encompassing education, embodiment, and community, Womben Wellness’ 14-Week Womb Circle Facilitator Certification Program is designed to prioritize real-time interactive engagement with budding and experienced facilitators, as well as the development and refinement of speaking, facilitating, and practical techniques. 

Founder Usha Anandi emphasizes, “This course will impart a tried and tested framework for conducting Women’s Circles, honed over a decade of ceremonial practice. Irrespective of the chosen theme, this training equips participants with the tools to curate a space that securely holds attendees throughout their transformative journey.”

Understanding the Power of Women’s Circles

A women’s circle is more than just a gathering—it’s a drawing together of women united by the intent to connect, share, and grow within a nurturing and secure atmosphere. It’s a conscious act of sisterhood, and the right facilitators provide a sanctuary where women can embrace their femininity, share experiences, and develop together. 

Here’s why joining a women’s circle and having skilled facilitators are essential:

Safe and Sacred Space: Women’s circles cultivate an environment where participants can freely express themselves without fear of judgment or criticism. 

Connection and Community: By joining a women’s circle, individuals combat isolation and forge meaningful connections with like-minded women, nurturing a sense of belonging within their community, even online.

Empowerment and Personal Growth: Within the circle, women embark on a journey of self-discovery. Facilitators guide discussions and activities aimed at furthering personal growth and empowerment.

Ritual and Ceremony: Women’s circles often integrate rituals and ceremonies that honor life’s cycles. Facilitators lead these practices, reawakening a deeply felt connection with ancient traditions.

Inspiration and Creativity: Participation in a circle sparks creativity in attendees and encourages intuitive exploration. 

Deep Listening and Reflection: Facilitators encourage the practice of deep listening within the circle, fostering empathy and unity among participants. 

Healing and Support: Women’s circles offer emotional healing and support space. 

Womben Wellness’ 14-week Womb Circle Facilitator Certification program is designed to equip aspiring and veteran facilitators with the essential skills to lead impactful and transformative women’s circles. This online program ensures that participants receive comprehensive training in facilitating safe, supportive, and empowering spaces for women to thrive.

“Women’s circles offer endless possibilities for personal exploration and connection. Whether you’re seeking to embrace your inner feminine essence or simply yearning for the camaraderie of sisterhood, these gatherings provide a sacred space for authenticity and vulnerability. 

Within the circle, there’s a liberating freedom to express long-concealed emotions and thoughts. It’s not about finding solutions or offering therapy; it’s a haven where voices and hearts are understood. This absence of pressure to problem-solve can be a welcome relief, particularly for those accustomed to overthinking every word spoken,” explains Usha Anandi, who has shared circles with over 40,000 women worldwide.

Learning To Lead

Womben Wellness welcomes individuals eager to empower themselves and their communities by facilitating women’s circles. With a recommendation rate of 100% by past graduates of the program, the 14-Week Womb Circle Facilitator Certification commencing on June 1st offers a chance to receive the framework, techniques, and practices and ample opportunity to refine facilitation skills with feedback from experienced and invested teachers. 

Limited spots are available for this experience, promising to equip participants with live and pre-recorded online classes, practical tools, and integrative spaces to develop the confidence and knowledge needed to create nurturing and supportive spaces for women. For those people ready to help others connect, heal, and thrive, becoming a circle facilitator is the next step.

For further details or to secure a spot, please visit https://bit.ly/become-a-facilitator.

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