Marie Jimenez Announces the Release of Her New Book “Adulting”

June 17 20:24 2024
Marie Jimenez Announces the Release of Her New Book "Adulting"
“Adulting” aims to empower young adults with practical skills and financial literacy.

Marie Jimenez, an author and self-publisher on the rise, is happy to announce the release of her latest book, “Adulting: A Young Adult’s Guide to Financial Security to Help Set Goals, Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Avoid Burnout, and Find Fulfillment in Your Life and Career.” This engaging guide is designed to help young adults navigate the often confusing and overwhelming transition to adulthood with confidence and ease.

“Adulting goes beyond the basics of financial advice and career development,” Jimenez commented. “It offers a comprehensive blueprint for thriving in adulthood, providing actionable steps in personal finance, career advancement, and essential life skills. It can also help readers avoid some of the most common pitfalls in this challenging life stage.”

Jimenez’s “Adulting” covers various topics, from time management and building healthy relationships to managing stress and achieving emotional wellness. It includes comprehensive guidance on mastering a wide range of skills, that are valuable both in the workplace and in everyday life. The book also delves into financial literacy, teaching readers how to manage their finances, including budgeting, saving, and investing, to achieve financial independence and security. The book’s practical advice on setting and achieving career goals ensures readers can pursue their professional aspirations with clarity and determination.

In a five-star review on Amazon, JP Lockett praises the book, stating, “This book is full of practical advice, which is wonderful in itself. However, the author took that to the next level by adding a heartfelt, sincere, all-encompassing approach that is sure to grab and hold the attention of anyone who picks up this book. It is extremely well written, and I wish I had something just like this book when I was venturing out on my own for the first time. A great read for everyone!”

Jimenez, a retired NYPD member, is also the author of “Seven Essential Tips for Every Child and Teen” and “Personal Finance For Teens.” Her passion for empowering young people with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life is evident in her writing. Through her books, she aims to instill a positive mindset, emphasizing the importance of financial literacy and personal development.

“Adulting” is now available on A free three-day promotion will be held from June 19 to June 21 to celebrate the launch. This is an excellent opportunity for young adults to gain access to this invaluable resource at no cost.

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Marie Jimenez is dedicated to empowering young adults with essential life skills and financial literacy. As the author of several influential books, she focuses on helping young people navigate the complexities of adulthood with confidence and success. Her commitment to promoting financial independence and personal growth is a testament to her belief in every young adult’s potential to lead a fulfilling and prosperous life.

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