VPN Industry’s First-Ever AI-Driven Analysis by VPNRanks Reveals Majority of VPNs Fall Short on User Satisfaction

June 18 09:04 2024
VPN Industry’s First-Ever AI-Driven Analysis by VPNRanks Reveals Majority of VPNs Fall Short on User Satisfaction

Madison, WI – VPNRanks, a leading platform dedicated to providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews of VPN services, released the VPN industry’s first-ever AI-driven sentiment analysis report of VPN user reviews. The VPNScore report found that 89% of VPNs fail to meet user satisfaction standards globally.

According to the VPNScore Report, which included 93 VPN services, ExpressVPN achieved the highest global VPNScore of 6.29 for Overall Satisfaction, closely followed by PureVPN at 5.81. The report also found that despite lower popularity, PrivateVPN boasts the highest user satisfaction score of 6.69, securing its position in the top five globally.

For other metrics, ExpressVPN reigns as the global leader for Ease of Use and Meet Requirements with a VPNScore of 6.78 for both. Surfshark shows global dominance in Ease of Setup and Quality of Support with a VPNScore of 6.49 and 6.85, respectively. More information on the VPNScores of all 93 VPN services can be found in the full report linked here.

VPNScore is based on AI-driven analysis of user reviews to help consumers simplify the decision-making process by performing sentiment analysis on publicly available user reviews. A VPNScore is a tailored score on a scale of 1 to 10, calculated by aggregating the weighted averages of Satisfaction Score at 80% & Popularity Score at 20%. The Overall Satisfaction score is derived from a weighted average of four key metrics: Ease of Use, Ease of Setup, Meet Requirements, and Quality of Support. For more details, you can read the VPNScore Scoring Methodology.

By focusing on these critical metrics, VPNScore provides a holistic view of each VPN’s performance, ensuring that users can confidently evaluate, compare, and choose the VPN based on reliable evaluations of actual users’ experiences.

“In an era where data breaches and cyber threats are increasingly common, the demand for reliable VPN services is surging,” said Muhammad Saleem Ahrar, COO of webAffinity, the company behind VPNRanks. “That’s why we created VPNScore, to help consumers seeking trustworthy reviews navigate the complex VPN market. VPNScore is not just our opinion; it’s a reflection of the true sentiments of actual VPN users. Our VPNScore report provides genuine insights and evaluations based on user reviews and their real experiences with each VPN service.”

VPNRanks also plans to dive deeper into the VPN landscape in the future with more informational and data-driven reports to give consumers a more well-rounded understanding of user experiences across different VPN providers.

About VPNRanks

VPNRanks is dedicated to providing unbiased and comprehensive reviews for the benefit of VPN users. As part of webAffinity, a technology-focused and AI-driven growth network with over a decade of experience in the content marketing industry, VPNRanks leverages advanced methodologies. VPNScore is an innovative tool powered by the Affinite Scoring System of webAffinity. The Affinite Scoring System is a customizable analysis and scoring technology adaptable to any product, brand, industry, and publication niche.

For more information or questions about VPNScore or Affinite Scoring System, you can reach out to Aurangzeb A. Durrani at [email protected]

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