ExV Launches the Get O.N.A.I.R. Masterclass: Secrets to Getting Booked On Podcasts

June 18 13:06 2024

ExV Agency is proud to announce the launch of “The Get O.N.A.I.R. Blueprint Masterclass,” an intensive, self-paced online course that redefines how individuals can get booked on podcasts and enhance their brand visibility. Available for a limited time, for only USD$295, this course offers unparalleled value for those looking to excel in the podcasting arena, while accessing “behind the scenes” PR and media tactics to potentially access more visibility opportunities.

About the Masterclass:

Participants in “The Get O.N.A.I.R. Blueprint” will gain invaluable insights, including how to:

OPTIMIZE: Craft and refine messaging to secure podcast features.

NAVIGATE: Identify and strategically pursue podcast opportunities.

AMPLIFY: Broadcast messages effectively to captivate audiences.

IMPACT: Influence potential clients and collaborators to grow opportunities.

REACH: Maximize listener base through polished messaging that resonates with larger audiences.

The Masterclass Experience:

“Getting into the educational space has been a natural transition for us,” says Karen Gamba, CEO of ExV Agency. “We are excited to offer this masterclass to help people learn valuable tactics on how to get featured on podcasts – or start successful podcasts of their own! Many of our client successes have started with podcasts and have led to global television appearances, high-level magazine features, and much more.”

Frank Carlisi of ExV Agency adds, “We can teach so many individuals, entrepreneurs, and global companies how to connect with their target audiences through podcasts. It is an incredible gateway to reaching global audiences. This masterclass has the potential to be a game-changer for people and businesses looking to reach wider audiences and grow their brand visibility in a more strategic and targeted way.”

For a limited time, the full GET O.N.A.I.R. Masterclass is available for USD$295. This offering is an unprecedented opportunity to boost branding and visibility through the power of podcasts.

About ExV Agency:

ExV Agency is a global, award-winning PR and branding force that specializes in propelling companies and individuals into the spotlight through strategic media partnerships, innovative strategies, and educational empowerment. ExV’s mission is to demystify the power of PR, ensuring clients understand and leverage it effectively to connect with target audiences and grow brand recognition authentically. Under the ExV conglomerate is ExV Events, which focuses on both social and corporate events, and ExV Studios, an award winning unscripted television production hub.

Contact information:

The ExV Agency Team

[email protected]

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