Noxigen Releases System Frontier Version 2.1, Offering New Functionality and Connectivity for RBAC and PAM

June 18 14:27 2024
Completely redesigned solution provides a richer API and new capabilities for realizing the principle of least privilege, and more

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – June 18, 2024 – Noxigen LLC, a small independent software vendor (ISV) specializing in IT systems management, security, and automation software, today announced the release of version 2.1 of its System Frontier solution. Redesigned from the ground up, version 2.1 offers enhanced functionality for privileged access management (PAM), role-based access control (RBAC), PowerShell, automation, and security. The company’s goal with the new release is to deliver more secure access for IT operational support teams across industries and organizations of all sizes.

“Having spent the last 28 years in IT, with a focus on automation scripting, server management, and access control, I’ve seen firsthand how access controls can be a major source of risk exposure even in sophisticated IT organizations,” said Jay Adams, Founder & CTO of Noxigen. “For many reasons, privileged administrative access emerges as a vulnerable back door to a company’s most sensitive digital assets. This is the problem we are solving with version 2.1 of System Frontier. With better PAM and RBAC functionality and integration, we help our customers mitigate the risks of privilege escalation and admin credential abuse, among many risk factors.”

Version 2.1 features a faster, more modern user interface, enterprise ready scalability, more customization features, and a richer application programming interface (API). The new edition is based on the company’s laser focus on using RBAC to leverage the principle of least privilege (PoLP) for managing IT system access. Users will also find that audit and compliance requirements are easier to meet with System Frontier, because every action now automatically has an audit trail. The previous version of System Frontier has been in-market for 12 years with customers around the world in the Fortune 100, healthcare, financial, government, higher education, and other sectors.

The new software takes PAM and RBAC to new levels of efficacy and ease of use. It lets cross-discipline teams that manage Windows and Linux servers and desktops, printer and network devices, and directory user accounts, on-premises or in the cloud, to all work with the same platform. Jay added, “Teams across every aspect of your IT support model can benefit from the rich set of built in tools, the extensibility of custom script-based tools and the ease of use for end users who you delegate access to.”

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