Yates Physiotherapy Expands Comprehensive Health Services in Unley, South Australia

June 18 10:40 2024

Unley, South Australia – Yates Physiotherapy proudly announces the expansion of its comprehensive health services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Unley community and its surroundings. Distinguished for its pledge to enhancing overall well-being, Yates Physiotherapy offers specialized services to promote physical health and recovery.

Comprehensive Physiotherapy Services

At the core of Yates Physiotherapy’s offerings is expert physiotherapy, aimed at aiding recovery from injuries, reducing pain, and improving physical function. Our skilled physiotherapists develop personalized treatment plans to address each patient’s needs, ensuring targeted and effective care.

Physiotherapy is often underappreciated because it is associated with rehabilitation from sports injuries. However, physiotherapy can help manage a wide range of health issues, including chronic pain, back and neck problems, and post-operative recovery.

Sports Injury Management

Our sports injury management services can benefit athletes and active individuals. Yates Physiotherapy provides comprehensive injury assessment and treatment to help clients return to their sport swiftly and safely. Our approach focuses on injury prevention and optimized rehabilitation. We perform functional movement assessments to identify potential problem areas and tailor exercises to address these imbalances, reducing the risk of future injuries.

Women’s Health

Yates Physiotherapy provides specialized services for women’s health, including pelvic floor rehabilitation and management of pelvic conditions such as urinary incontinence, prolapse, and pelvic pain. They also offer prenatal and postpartum care to support mothers in staying active and healthy during and after pregnancy.

Remedial Massage

Yates Physiotherapy offers remedial massage therapy to relieve muscle tension and pain. This therapeutic technique targets deep muscle layers, promoting relaxation, enhancing circulation, and supporting optimal physical function. Our skilled massage therapists can also identify muscle imbalances and provide exercises to address them.


Hydrotherapy sessions harness the healing properties of water to facilitate rehabilitation. They are conducted in a controlled aquatic environment and are ideal for patients with chronic pain, arthritis, or mobility issues, providing gentle resistance and support.

Clinical Pilates

Yates Physiotherapy offers clinical Pilates, a specialized form of exercise focusing on core strength, flexibility, and posture. Guided by trained professionals, clinical Pilates helps patients enhance their physical stability and prevent future injuries.

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