Healing Your Heart Counseling, LLC: Biblical Counselor Helping Individuals and Families Offers Free 15-Minute Consultations

June 18 14:42 2024
A trusted provider of faith-based counseling services is pleased to announce the availability of complimentary 15-minute initial phone consultations. This initiative offers individuals, couples, and families an accessible starting point for addressing their mental, emotional, and spiritual needs through biblical counseling.

With a mission to foster healing and growth grounded in Christian principles, Healing Your Heart Counseling, LLC provides a compassionate and supportive environment for those seeking guidance and support. The counseling practice was founded by Shannon Neely, a Pastoral Counselor, in Bakersfield, CA. Neely holds years of experience as a group counselor and an individual and couple’s counselor. Healing Your Heart Counseling helps clients overcome anxiety, fear, depression, familial issues, trauma, and loss. Clients find affirmation, validation, healing, hope, and a safe place to process. Healing Your Heart Counseling provides a confidential setting and biblical tools and resources to help individuals find freedom and hope in their hearts.

Healing Your Heart Counseling extends an invitation to all prospective clients for complimentary 15-minute initial phone consultations. This invaluable offering provides individuals with the chance to openly discuss their concerns, gain comprehensive insight into the counseling process, and carefully evaluate the synergy between our services and their personal requirements. This consultation serves as an informative introductory session, allowing individuals to articulate their primary concerns and counseling objectives. Moreover, it offers a platform to attain a deeper understanding of the advantages associated with biblical counseling and to seek clarification on any aspects of the process. Ultimately, this session empowers individuals to discern whether Healing Your Heart Counseling’s services seamlessly align with their unique needs and aspirations.

Specialties and Services Offered at Healing Your Heart Counseling, LLC are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of needs, ensuring that individuals receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout their healing journey. Whether grappling with the complexities of grief, navigating the aftermath of trauma, or seeking resolution in familial and relationship dynamics, their team of dedicated counselors stands ready to provide compassionate and effective assistance. Clients can access a range of counseling services tailored to their needs, including individual, couple, and family sessions, as well as group counseling and support group offerings.

Customer testimonials resonate with praise for Shannon’s counseling approach, emphasizing her genuine care and transformative impact. One individual commends Shannon’s ability to guide them through personal trauma toward a sense of liberation; “Shannon helped me overcome personal trauma. She helped me realize I was stronger than I thought!”

Another applauds Shannon’s dual role as counselor and teacher, noting the profound positive changes in their life stemming from the tools and support provided. “The tools provided by Shannon and the love she demonstrated had a profound impact on my life. I noticed significant improvements in my interactions with my husband, children, and friends.”

Healing Your Heart Counseling offers professional counseling services in a safe, confidential space for self-reflection and personal growth. Sessions are 50 minutes long and start at $150. With expert guidance, individuals can gain clarity, find solutions, and achieve emotional well-being.

To schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation or for more information, visit the Healing Your Heart Counseling, LLC website or contact the office directly via phone or email. Consultations are available by appointment and are conducted in a confidential and supportive setting.

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