Certified Wholistic Health Coach Victor Dedaj is Releasing His New Book “How to Be Happy, Healthy and Whole” on June 27th

June 18 16:00 2024
Victor Dedaj’s new book, “How to Be Happy, Healthy and Whole,” will guide readers toward better health.

Bronx, NY, USA – June 18, 2024 – Victor Dedaj, a respected Certified Wholistic Health Coach and nutrition expert, announces his latest book, “How to Be Happy, Healthy and Whole,” scheduled for release on Amazon on June 27, 2024. The book aims to provide readers with practical knowledge and tools to improve their health and wellness, focusing particularly on those suffering from obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Victor Dedaj wrote “How to Be Happy, Healthy and Whole” to help people understand that achieving good health is within their reach despite the challenges of modern lifestyles that may lead to chronic diseases. “Many people struggle with their health and are looking for ways to improve. I wrote this book to guide them towards better health practices,” said Dedaj.

The book combines Dedaj’s expertise in nutrition and holistic health with real-life stories from those who have benefited from his advice, making his strategies relatable and applicable. It serves as a resource for readers to learn about managing their health through balanced living and informed choices.

In his previous publications, such as “You Can Become Successful” and “Success Breakthroughs,” Dedaj has already established his ability to help people reach their potential. His latest book continues this theme by focusing on personal health as a foundation for success.

With “How to Be Happy, Healthy and Whole,” Dedaj addresses common health issues with straightforward advice, encouraging readers to improve their health outcomes. The inclusion of reviews and experiences from others who have read and applied his methods adds a personal touch to his message, enhancing the book’s credibility.

As the launch date approaches, interest from those familiar with Dedaj’s work and newcomers seeking reliable health guidance is expected to grow. This book provides the tools and insights needed for readers to manage and improve their health effectively.

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