Linea Studio Unveils Tangram: A Revolutionary Kitchen Collection Redefining Space and Style

June 18 16:15 2024
Linea Studio Unveils Tangram: A Revolutionary Kitchen Collection Redefining Space and Style

Linea Studio, Miami’s prime provider of luxurious kitchen design, proudly announced its new premier collection: Tangram. This award-winning collection was the recipient of the prestigious Archiproduct Design Award 2023, showcasing Linea’s commitment to innovation, functionality, and timeless elegance. Linea Studio’s new line artfully redefines space and style, the perfect kitchen for those who want the perfect combination of luxury and function.

“With Tangram, we’ve reimagined what a kitchen should be. This collection redefines the kitchen as a dynamic and inspiring environment,” explains Erika, a representative for the company. “You can seamlessly blend the curved elements of the collection with straight features to find your perfect style. We’re thrilled to announce the installation of the first Tangram in Florida in our Miami Design District showroom!”

A Closer Look at the Tangram Collection by Cesar

Tangram, a collection of five kitchen units from Cesar, draws inspiration from its namesake. The original tangram is an ancient Chinese game that involves forming different figures with the same set of geometric shapes. This concept is translated into the kitchen collection, offering five gorgeous curved units that can be combined and items from other collections to create a range of innovative kitchen designs. This innovative approach allows the series to suit a range of kitchen designs to fit each client’s unique style and preference, from standalone islands to integration with walls and maximizing space around corners.

“We recognize that our clients are looking for more than just a kitchen; they’re seeking a space where luxury meets purpose. Tangram achieves that balance,” adds Erika.

Garcia Cumini, the design studio behind Cesar and Linea Studio’s latest prize, has emphasized sinuousness in design, replacing traditional linear designs with softer, flowing contours. Rigidity is replaced with fluid dynamism, leading to a new, exquisite kitchen experience.

Functionality remains at the heart of the Tangram collection, incorporating essentials like taps and hobs, storage cabinets, sinks, and a breakfast area. Every kitchen can be customized to the client’s needs and desires. Next comes refinement, which is found in the details and optional features. Cabinets come with the client’s choice of Oi or Accento handles from Cesar, and they can be further enhanced with “Groove,” a three-dimensional design of vertical grooves that can hide the joints between modules to make the unit combinations seamless.


About Linea Studio

Linea Studio has built its reputation on the cornerstones of luxury Italian craftsmanship and unparalleled elegance. With a clientele that values quality and exceptional design, Linea Studio continues to redefine luxury living through its superior collections of kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and doors. Their commitment to innovation and service has positioned them as the go-to for luxury home remodeling. From design to delivery, customers of Linea Studio experience a comprehensive service that honors their unique vision and personal style. The company’s approach is hands-on, assuring clients are aware of each stage of the build, and reinforcing the exclusivity and quality assurance that luxury clients expect.

For more information on the Tangram collection or to discuss a project, interested parties are encouraged to contact Linea Studio.

A Company Apart

Linea Studio has become a notable name in interior design, foremost because the staff believes in balancing luxury with sustainability and high-quality design.

Linea Studio’s approach to home remodeling and interior designing is about a contemporary, luxurious lifestyle, emphasizing creating contemporary spaces. Their green renovations rely on sustainable materials, which only adds to the appeal — showing how serious they are about the aesthetics of space and the environment. This sustainability focus differentiates them in a market where luxury often precedes greenery.

Another aspect that sets Linea Studio apart is how each piece is sourced from their partner in Italy, who is dedicated to providing only the best quality materials and components. Their focus on combining utility and sophistication allows them to transform living spaces, considering every detail.

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