Garret Biss Received Many Accolades For His TEDx Talk Titled “The Unspoken Trauma All Veterans Face”

June 18 16:18 2024
Garret Biss Received Many Accolades For His TEDx Talk Titled "The Unspoken Trauma All Veterans Face"
Garret’s TEDx is a raw, unfiltered look at the hidden battles too many Veterans face. This talk unveils the often-overlooked causes of Veteran suffering: the sudden loss of connection, authenticity, and meaning faced when leaving the service.

New Bern, North Carolina – June 18, 2024 – Acclaimed veteran advocate and addiction recovery expert, Garret Biss, has released his highly anticipated TEDx talk titled “The Unspoken Trauma All Veterans Face.” In this compelling presentation, Garret delves into the hidden struggles that veterans endure during their transition from military to civilian life.

Garret Biss, a retired Marine Corps Pilot and award-winning author, draws from his own experiences and years of advocacy to shed light on the often-overlooked challenges veterans face. His talk addresses the profound sense of loss – of connection, authenticity, and purpose – that many veterans encounter upon leaving active duty.

“Transitioning from military service is a journey fraught with emotional and psychological hurdles,” Garret says. “My goal with this TEDx Talk is to bring these issues to the forefront and foster a deeper understanding of the unique struggles veterans face.”

With 200,000 service members transitioning into the workforce each year, it is crucial to recognize the high rates of mental health challenges and substance use disorders stemming from the unique hardships of military service. These issues not only impact veterans but also ripple through the communities and companies they join.

Supporting veterans in overcoming these challenges is not just a matter of personal well-being but a societal imperative. By helping veterans achieve the joy-filled, fulfilling lives they deserve, veterans are enabled to contribute positively and powerfully to their new environments. When veterans are supported, the resilience and success of communities and workplaces is enhanced, ensuring that both veterans and those around them can thrive.

Key Highlights of Garret Biss’s TEDx Talk:

  • Personal Insights: Garret shares his own journey of overcoming anxiety, depression, and addiction after retiring from the Marine Corps.
  • Real-Life Examples: The talk is enriched with stories of veterans who have navigated similar challenges, offering hope and inspiration.
  • Actionable Strategies: Garret provides evidence-based strategies for enhancing support systems for veterans, promoting connection, authenticity, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Garret Biss is a respected thought leader in the addiction recovery industry and a sought-after speaker at national conferences and corporate events. His work has earned him numerous accolades, and his insights continue to inspire and guide veterans and those who support them. Garret’s Valiant Path™️ program empowers veterans and supports companies to ensure veterans are providing their best to the workforce.

About Garret Biss:

Garret Biss is a retired Marine Corps Pilot, award-winning author, and dedicated advocate for veterans. His work focuses on addiction recovery, personal development, and the sharing the science of human flourishing. Garret’s books, including “The Spheres Approach to Happiness and Fulfillment” and “CHARITY The Gifts of Giving,” have garnered critical acclaim and widespread readership.

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